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Pop-Up Nelson Exhibition

Mon Nov 13, 2017

Alongside our recently discovered portrait of Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, Philip Mould & Co. are delighted to be exhibiting a dazzling replica of the Nelson's lost Chelengk jewel from 14 - 16th November 2017.

Lord Nelson's diamond Chelengk – a rare honour awarded by the Sultan of Turkey for his victory at the Battle of the Nile - was stolen from the National Maritime Museum in 1951, never to be seen again...until now.

A replica - made in diamond and enamel, and a clockwork mechanism - has recently been completed and will be exhibited alongside Guzzardi's portrait of Nelson, in which he is depicted wearing the Chelengk prominently fixed to his admiral's hat. The jewel will be displayed on an exact replica of Nelson’s bicorne hat, made to his specifications by Lock & Co. Hatters of St James’s, who made the original in 1800.

The story of the legendary jewel is recounted in Nelson's Lost Jewel by Nelson scholar Martyn Downer, recently published by The History Press, 2017. Copies of the book are available to purchase from the gallery, as well as Martyn's earlier book Nelson's Purse.