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Philip Mould & Co. Join Forces with Tagsmart

Mon Jul 10, 2017

Philip Mould & Co. are pleased to be collaborating with the innovative artwork tagging technology, Tagsmart. Tagsmart uses synthetic DNA technology to identify an artwork and digitally store the vital catalogue details.

We will be introducing Tagsmart’s security solution to some of our twentieth-century works as a guarantee of provenance for the future. A Philip Mould-branded tag will mark the reverse of these selected works, accompanied by a physical certificate and a secure digital record for each work.

Our purpose in utilising Tagsmart's innovative service is to pin provable provenance to a painting when it passes through our hands. We are specifically utilising this for twentieth-century art where fakery is common. Provenance is a crucial factual component in the process of attribution, and whilst a digital chip may not ensure any painting by a deceased artist is authentic (although we naturally apply the breadth of our expertise to make sure it is) the virtually irremovable Tagsmart chip does at least chronicle a part of its voyage through the twenty first century. Fakery is an increasing problem in the art world and we need to consider every way of giving future generations data that can help differentiate the real from the pretender.

For more information about Tagsmart, visit their website here.