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Gauguin or Guile?

Tue Sep 12, 2017

© BBC / Emilie Sandy

In the latest episode of Fake or Fortune?, Philip and Fiona take on not one, but two works purported to be by Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) - the French post-Impressionist heavyweight, whose auction record is just shy of $300 million.

At the beginning of the show, Philip admits having always hoped for the opportunity to do a programme on Gauguin, who is best remembered for his colourful Tahitian paintings. Ahead of this latest series, the team were presented with not one but two pictures their owners believed to be by the artist - one certainly colourful, and one supposedly Tahitian.

While the still life was found to be inauthentic, the sketch has been proved to be not just genuine, but one of Gauguin's earliest workings for his masterpiece, When Will You Marry. This discovery, which has been accepted by the ominous Wildenstein Institute, has been widely reported in the The Times, Antiques Trade Gazette, and The Irish News.

The episode is available to watch in full on BBC iplayer here. The final episode of the series has been postponed pending further investigations, and the broadcast date to be confirmed in due course.