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Exhibition Announcement: February 2018

Fri Jan 12, 2018

Philip Mould & Co. presents a collaboration between British portrait artist Lorna May Wadsworth and esteemed hat designer Victoria Grant. The exhibition, The Milliner, will be held at our Pall Mall gallery from 9 - 18 February 2018 (closed 10th and 11th February).

Friends Wadsworth and Grant will each showcase pieces inspired by the other: Wadsworth will be unveiling a large-scale portrait of Victoria, while Grant has created a collection inspired by Lorna. A selection of Philip Mould & Co.’s portrait miniatures will be displayed on the hats, citing the tradition of wearing miniatures on the body. Our portrait miniatures consultant, Emma Rutherford, will also be examining the history of the hat jewel and its portrayal in various historical portraits at Philip Mould & Co.

Philip Mould & Co.'s relationship with Lorna May Wadsworth goes back several years. Wadsworth approached the gallery with a portrait of Margaret Thatcher, which was painted from five sittings with the former Prime Minister at her home in 2007, and previously exhibited at the Palace of Westminster. The gallery now represents Wadsworth for portrait commissions and is currently displaying her portrait of her muse Joachim Gram, Untitled #3 (Inspired by TOM FORD's 'Oud Wood').

In the words of international fashion designer Isabel Marant, milliner Victoria Grant's work is 'the perfect balance between tradition, handcrafting and British sophisticated yet provocative elegance'. A great advocate of tradition and pageantry, Grant's interest in history frequently informs her celebrated headwear, and there is a latent influence of historical costume on her work. Therefore it was no surprise that when Wadsworth introduced Grant to the gallery, our “cabinet room” of portrait miniatures - themselves wearable art objects - particularly captured her attention.

Philip Mould & Co. are delighted to be collaborating with Grant to display a selection of miniatures on her hats. The exhibition seeks to remind viewers that these highly personal and intimate objects, now generally displayed in cabinets or on walls, were often originally intended to be proudly worn.

This unique event celebrates the enduring cross-pollination between portraiture and fashion in anticipation of London Fashion Week, which runs 16 - 20 February 2018.

Opening times are 10am - 6pm, but please note the exhibition will be closed the weekend of 10 - 11 February.