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Exhibition Announcement A Lost Portrait

Wed Oct 24, 2018

Philip Mould & Co. are delighted to announce an upcoming exhibition that will launch at the gallery in four weeks’ time on Thursday 22nd November. At this stage, all we can reveal to you is that earlier this year, we had the great good fortune to uncover a long-lost portrait of one of the nation’s most pre-eminent and celebrated authors. Their works have captivated audiences both at home and abroad for almost two centuries, with countless editions and adaptations continuing to be produced today.

The portrait signifies a moment of great excitement for us and its display at the gallery will be the first time the work has been seen in public since its disappearance in 1844. Visitors to our exhibition will be among a privileged few to be granted the opportunity to view the portrait of the writer at a pivotal moment in their career. The image vividly adds to our perceptions of them and will most likely challenge many visitor’s currently held ones.

The significant international press interest for this discovery requires careful management, and therefore more details including an image of the portrait will only be made public at the opening of the exhibition.

Over the course of the coming weeks more clues are due to be released across our social media platforms, including our gallery blog ‘The Edit’, so watch these spaces for more information in the run up to, and throughout the course of, the exhibition.