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London Art Week 2016: Panel Power - Royalty & Status in Tudor England

Tue Jun 14, 2016

As part of London Art Week, from 1 - 8 July Philip Mould & Co. are holding a small exhibition, Panel Power: Royalty and Status in Tudor England.

The exhibition will showcase both current stock and paintings previously held by Philip Mould & Co, and will explore the different functions of panel portraits in Tudor and Jacobean England.

Franco-Netherlandish School, King Henry VII, c.1525-30

The exhibition will also discuss the scientific techniques used by the gallery when investigating the hidden history of these works, and reveal how modern technological advances including dendrochronological analysis, x-ray and infrared photography have transformed the way we look at Tudor and Jacobean panel portraits.

X-ray analysis has revealed that this early portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, dating to c.1558, was painted over the top of another portrait beneath

Opening times:

10am – 6pm on weekdays, 12pm - 5pm on the weekend, and a preview will be held on 30 June from 3pm - 8pm