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Podcast Announcement

Thu Nov 8, 2018

We are delighted to bring to your attention the launch of a podcast to accompany our upcoming ‘surprise’ exhibition. On Thursday 22nd November our podcast ‘The Lost Portrait’ will be available to download from the Entale Podcasting App, I-Tunes (for Apple users) and Stitcher (for android users).

Philip Mould & Co. have partnered with the interactive podcasting company Entale as one of their Creators. Over the past three months Philip has been in conversation with leading experts, art historians and curators as they explore the circumstances surrounding an incredible discovery; a lost portrait of one of the nation’s most celebrated authors, recently discovered by the gallery.

At this stage, this is all we can reveal as we are saving the very best until our exhibition opens to the public on Thursday 22nd November at our gallery in Pall Mall.

To ensure that you don’t miss our launch when all the series episodes become available, please download the Entale App from the App Store and be sure to check the website for further updates.

Once here you will be able to listen to the trailer for ‘The Lost Portrait’ which is now live.

Our exhibition is only two weeks away and we look forward to sharing more with you over the coming fortnight.