Page 6 - Finding Van Dyck

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We are indebted to those who have lent pictures to the exhibition;
Manchester Art Gallery, The Bowes Museum, David Lavender,
and those private owners who wish to remain anonymous. We
could not have mounted the exhibition without the generous
assistance of Adrian Jenkins, Jon Old and Emma House from
the Bowes Museum, and Moira Stevenson, Phillippa Wood,
Ruth Shrigley and Verity Lowdon from Manchester Art Gallery.
For their research and contributions to the catalogue we are
grateful to Dr. Toby Osborne, Julia Armstrong-Totten, Enrico Prodi,
Dr Bert Timmermans, and Emma Rutherford, who, in addition
to writing her chapter on miniatures, has given invaluable
assistance on the remaining text and the exhibition as a whole.
We are also grateful to a great many others for their support and
encouragement, including; Lindsay Stainton, Simon Gillespie,
Rebecca Gregg, Jackie King, Anne Sørensen, Catharine MacLeod,
Dr. Diana Dethloff, Dr. Christopher Brown, Dr. Malcolm Rogers,
Desmond Shawe-Taylor, David Giles, Dr. Ben van Beneden,
Amanda Gubbins, Dr Fred Hohler and the Public Catalogue
Foundation, Charles Sebag-Montefiore, Andrew Dixon,
Derek Johns, Anthony Ley, Peter Basham, Davina Thackara,
Dorothee Feldman, Ute Winkelmann, Carole Almond and the
Lamport Hall Preservation Trust, Nikita Hooper and the
National Trust Photographic Library, Prudence Cuming, Healeys
Printers, and the Bridgeman Art Library. Finally, Catherine Mould,
Sara Denham, Josephine Olley and Tony Gregg have offered
essential help and advice throughout.
Philip Mould & Bendor Grosvenor